Editorial Services


+ For Authors

Have you gotten feedback on your work from fellow writers, agents, or editors, and don’t know what to do next? Do you need to know if your work is ready to query? Has your work been rejected by several houses and you’re not sure why? Or maybe you’re a published author who wants to take their work to the next level, write that breakout book, or untangle the book of your heart from its fatal flaws

Single-round package:

I’ll set up a phone or email consultation with you to figure out what you love about this book, what your goal with it is, and any particular concerns you may have. I’ll read your manuscript closely and send you a thorough editorial letter, (typically 8-15 single-spaced pages) evaluating the entire book, including possible market potential or issues. I’ll break down what’s working and what isn’t across each layer of the story. I’ll suggest solutions for the issues, and I’ll include recommendations for resources for strengthening your craft. After I’ve sent my editorial letter, I will be available for questions.

Cost: $1000-$1500, depending on the length of the book.

Three-round package:

I will do everything in the single-round package. Then I will read your revisions and edit at the scene level for pacing, emotional impact, narrative-action balance, application of my first-round notes, etc, After that round, I will do a line edit to improve the story moment by moment, editing for subtext, complexity, impact, deepening POV, voice issues, repetitive language, and more.

Cost: $3,000 to $4,500, depending on the length and condition of the manuscript. A payment plan per round can be negotiated.

To receive a quote for your project, please reach out through my contact form. Please include the category, genre, and word count of the book, and paste your first five pages into the box so I can see your writing.

Query letter edits:

I’ll edit your query letter and answer any specific questions you may have about the query.

Cost: $40 for the initial edit, $30 for any follow-up rounds.

+ For Agents & Publishers

“Fresh-eye” or quick-read manuscript notes: Need a quick, outside opinion on a manuscript? Want me to read a book and give my less formal, cut-and-dried opinion on what it needs? Contact me to negotiate an individual rate.

Freelance manuscript editing: I offer the same single-round and three-round services that I offer to authors (see above) to publishing houses, at the same cost. For multiple books or to hire me on retainer, please contact me to discuss rates.

Full-service manuscript editing: For that special book you hope will break out. I’ll take my standard 3-round editorial service up to the next level in hopes of increasing publisher and public interest, mass appeal, and fan engagement. I’ll work with your client for as many rounds as needed to make sure the manuscript has every layer paying off with high emotional impact, fully realizing the depth and appeal, breaking down the premise, hooks, setting, thematic arcs, worldbuilding, characters, and prose, and digging into the author’s vision to get what they love about the story fully onto the page. Includes a sensitivity/authenticity read for the areas in which I’m qualified.

Cost: $6000-$9000 per manuscript depending on length. For multiple books or to hire me on retainer, please contact me to discuss rates.

Proofreading and copyediting: Contact me to negotiate a per-word rate.

Please connect with me to discuss any other ways I can be of service to you.

+ Sensitivity/Authenticity Reads

I offer this service for manuscripts containing bisexuality/pansexuality, polyamory/ethical non-monogamy, extreme fundamental Christianity, domestic abuse and violence, and rural American poverty. I will read your manuscript and detail in a formal letter the issues and solutions that I see regarding any/all of the categories above. I’ll include a thorough explanation so that you can fully understand any problems and how to resolve them.

Cost: $500-800, depending on the length of the book and the number of issues for which I’m reading.

+ Workshops & Presentations

I am available for speaking at conferences, book clubs, colleges, and schools about publishing, writing fiction, and editing, and for teaching workshops on a variety of writing topics.

Issues I've taught on in the past include:

Jane Austen to Eminem: Advanced Prose Techniques

Building a Strong Story Spine

Emotionally Resonant Plot and Stakes

Starting a Career in Publishing

Revision Strategies to Take Your Work to the Next Level

Please connect with me and include as many specifics as possible: proposed dates; whether you’re looking for me to be a keynote speaker, to lead workshops, to conduct one-on-ones, and/or be on a panel; proposed honorarium, and transportation, accommodations & meal expenses to be covered.

Fees for workshops and presentations are based on an honorarium and reimbursement of transportation, accommodations & meal expenses.

For my full-manuscript edits, I don’t work with picture books, chapter books, or graphic novels (though multimedia novels are fine). These areas aren’t my expertise. I do work with all genres of middle grade, young adult, new adult, and adult fiction, as well as nonfiction.

Breakthrough Writers’ Boot Camp: Subscription-model enrollment in my writers’ coaching program. Specifically designed to coach established authors through taking their craft to the next level in all areas of storytelling, plus providing community, focused writing time, advanced webinars on publishing topics, and more. $60 a month, or available as pre-paid sponsorships. Enrolling yourself or your  clients in the program can improve their next books and provide the community and motivation authors so often need. More here on this program.